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About Safe Home Security Systems In Orem & Provo, Utah.

If you live in a quiet neighborhood, you may feel safe from burglary and home invasion. However, more burglaries are reported in the US than in any other country--one every 15 seconds--and simply locking your doors is not enough. If your house is not equipped with a home security system, call Safe Home Control for an effective first-line-of-defense against theft and intrusion.

Safe Home Control is located along the base of the beautiful Wasatch Mountain Range at 495 W. University Pkwy. Orem, Utah 84058.  We have served Orem, Provo, and surrounding areas for over 10 years.  Safe Home Control understands Utah's strong sense of family values. When it comes to the security of your home or business, Safe Home Control is your best choice for the most current, state-of-the-art security systems.  We have options that can fit almost any situation or budget.

Our first concern is your security. Our team of qualified Solution Specialist will help you custom design the system you're looking for at a price you can afford.  If you are interested in purchasing a home security or home automation system, or have questions about the services we offer, please call us at 801-921-8677. We are located at 495 W University Pkwy Orem, UT 84058, just west of the Orem Krispy Kreme.  Safe Home Control also serves the residential and businesses of Provo, UT.  Provo is located just down the street from our corporate offices in Orem.  Provo, UT is the home of the prestigious Brigham Young University, home of the BYU Cougars!  Safe Home Control has been a proud employer to a lot of the college students with our Summer Sales Door-To-Door Program. Safe Home Control also extends the same level of service and security equipment to Provo residential homes and businesses.


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Why Home Security Matters

Your neighborhood might seem nice, but those manicured lawns and picket fences might be giving you a false sense of security. The United States of America leads the world in home burglaries, with one reported every 15 seconds. Burglaries take place when the homeowners aren't home, and a single incident could hit your family hard. Can you imagine trying to sleep in a home that an intruder has attacked or vandalized before?

To ward off problems before they occur, you should consider installing a home security system. Safe Home Control offers state of the art home security systems capable of offering many benefits including:

  • Remote Access: Nothing is worse than leaving for a road trip and then remembering that you didn't arm your home security system. Fortunately, our systems come with remote access, so that you can arm them no matter where you are.
  • Video Surveillance: Don't you wish that you had someone watching your back 24/7? Well fortunately we offer video surveillance, and we will notify your local police department if we notice something strange.
  • Door and Window Sensors: Our systems even contain window and door sensors, and they will sound the alarm if someone tries to break into your home from any entrance.

If you are worried about these systems being too expensive for your budget, you will be comforted to know that our base package starts under $50 per month.

In addition to continuously monitoring your home and watching for inconsistencies, your home security system can also be tied into a state of the art home automation system—making your life easier.

How Home Automation Will Change Your Life

Most people know that home automation systems can make it easy to control your home systems on the go, but most folks don't realize just how advanced some systems are. In addition to putting your home security in the palm of your hand, our home automation systems can change your life by offering these features:

  • High Tech Thermostats: Don't you hate trying to figure out why your energy bills are so high? With our high tech thermostats, you won't have to guess. These state-of-the-art designs monitor energy consumption and patterns so that they can automatically adjust your settings—saving you money, and preventing wasted energy use.
  • Motion Detectors: Our home automation systems can also be fitted with motion detectors, so that you don't have to pay to heat or cool a vacant house. Our motion detectors can also be set to sound alarms that can catch intruders if you are away.

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